Recommended Cleaning Tasks for Winter 2018

With Christmas on the way, there is so much to prepare for during your big winter clean. Christmas is a busy time, where there’ll be lots of guests to please, parties to host and presents to buy and find room for.

There are many ways cleaning can help ease the Christmas rush this year, to providing an organised and manageable winter:


Make your way through each room to declutter all of the items you no longer need, don’t use or completely forgot about. If you have the time, set aside three piles:

Keep: Belongings you want to hold onto

2. Throw: Items too damaged to be used again

3. Give Away: Anything that a friend or charity might benefit from

A lot of people abide by the rule if you haven’t used it in the last six months, it should go. Try to make strict decisions without forming emotional attachments to everything.

Making an Entrance

Leave a mat and shoe brush outside your door for a quick shoe clean before entering your home. Then, follow up with an indoor mat to stand on while removing wet shoes and organise onto a shoe rack. Besides it should also be an umbrella holder to avoid puddles throughout the home.

Fire Place Maintenance

The season you have all been waiting for so you can finally use your beloved fire place again. Before burning any logs, hire a chimney sweep each year to clear everything out to ensure it is safe.

Protect your carpet with a dark rug for beside the fireplace to make ash less noticeable before being cleaned up. Protective sheeting is also available to lie between your log basket and floor.

Freshening Up Guest Rooms

Get your guest room prepped for family Christmas visits. Change the bedding, dust the surfaces, clean the floor and clear any miscellaneous items lying around.

For first class hosting, it is always nice to leave a trinket to improve their stay. A spare toothbrush, a selection of DVDs, magazines and slippers are all kind choices.

Mattress Cleaning

With a lifespan of 79 years the average person will spend 33 of those years asleep! Therefore, routine mattress cleaning should always be a priority.

First, use the upholstery head of the vacuum to hoover over the mattress. Next shake baking powder over your mattress and leave for a couple of hours. When you hoover it off it should have lifted most stains since its last clean.

Kitchen Cleaning

Throughout the Christmas holiday your kitchen will be the most used room in your home. Declutter your fridge and cupboards of expired foods, clean the surfaces and reorganise your food into categories. This will help to clear away any unnoticed spills, deter bad odours and make kitchen navigation easier.

It is also time to complete the dreaded and overdue (but very important) oven clean. It may be a time consuming job, but a deep oven clean is essential for a hygienic kitchen.

Hiring a Professional Cleaner

When winter cleaning can be such a big task, it can seem a little daunting and a little off putting. Which is why at Hertfordshire Domestique, our team of professionally trained cleaners are here to help.

With a range of cleaning packages to choose from, it will be the best decision you make this winter. Reduce the stress of the Christmas countdown chaos by hiring our team today on 01727 808 710.