Oven Cleaning - One of Life's Forgotten Jobs

Thanks to the fact that the inside of your oven is hidden away, cleaning it is often one of those forgotten jobs left off the home cleaning list. What’s more, cleaning an oven usually requires harsh chemicals, lots of elbow grease and plenty of time.

The truth is, your oven needs regular cleaning just like the other places in your kitchen. But why? Here, we look at the top reasons why you should clean your oven.

oven cleaning services

1. Fire risk

Each time you cook, food can spill onto the oven. Over time, this builds up and can create dirty, greasy patches that can burn. Not only does this mean your oven will smoke, it can be a potential fire risk.

2. Potential bugs

While high temperatures can stave off most bugs, a filthy oven isn’t the best environment to cook food in. After all, do you really want to eat a pizza that has drips and splatters of old food on? Now that’s some food for thought.

3. Oven damage

Grease, food crusts and burnt patches can all reduce the efficiency of your oven and in severe cases, damage them beyond repair. From glued fans and immobile parts, to burned out motors and grease ridden glass, not cleaning your oven can lead to more trouble than it’s worth.

4. Food taste

If you have burnt food in your oven, it can give everything you cook a smoky taste – and we don’t mean a nice barbecue smoke either. We’re talking a charcoal, fusty taste that leaves a sour taste in your mouth. Yuk.

5. Less to do all at once

If you keep on top of your oven cleaning, it’s not really such a mammoth task. However, if you’ve left dirt to build up over a long period of time, cleaning your oven can become a grand exercise that takes hours.

At Domestique Hertfordshire, we understand that oven cleaning can be a pain. That’s why our expert team of home cleaners are fully trained in cleaning ovens to the highest possible standard. If you want to delegate your oven cleaning to someone else, we don’t blame you! Call us today on: 01727 808 710 to see how we can help.