Explore the Benefits of Mattress Cleaning this National Bed Month

With many of us changing to fresh bed sheets every week, we just expect our mattress to remain clean. However, even with protective covers, your bed requires regular mattress cleaning. This will help to improve hygiene, allergy management and the longevity of your mattress.

Explore the benefits of regular mattress cleaning and some routine tips you can do at home leading up to your next professional mattress clean.

Allergy Control

As the average person sheds 454 grams of skin per year and 285ml of moisture per night, your bed can accumulate a lot of unwanted extras over a short period of time. In addition to this, your bed is a common space for dust mites to build, which can trigger allergies in many people.

How to Solve It

Vacuuming up pet hair and dust mites is just as important on your mattress as it is around the rest of your home. Reducing dust mites can help to improve air quality and the overall hygiene of your bed to keep allergies to a minimum.

Improved Sleep

With professional mattress cleaning, your bed can feel completely refreshed. Enjoy a refreshed odour and possibly improved comfort. For many hygiene conscious people, it can also provide an easier sleep as you can relax in clean comfort.

How to Solve It

Each time you change your bedding, flip your mattress over to keep the shape even. In between professional mattress cleans, you can vacuum and spray your mattress to eliminate odours.

Stain Removal

As well as sleep, many of us also eat, drink and lounge with our pets on our beds. Throughout the day your bed can begin to gather dust, sweat and food stains which need to be cleaned. Without routine cleaning, these marks can begin to stain or even smell.

How to Solve It

Finding a local domestic cleaning agency for routine mattress cleaning can make the task easy and effortless for you. Feel confident in a professional clean to improve the longevity and hygiene of your sleep haven. However, if you do try to remove some of the stains yourself before enquiring for a professional clean, remember to dab lightly and not rub as this could worsen the stain.

Enquire for Professional Mattress Cleaning

This National Bed Month get one step closer to cleaner living by making mattress cleaning a priority. At Hertfordshire Domestique, we offer a selection of domestic cleaning packages to cater to a range of budgets, in addition to one-off spring cleans. To take advantage of our domestic cleaning services, get in touch with our team today.