How Routine House Cleaning Can Help New Parents

Becoming a new parent can be an overwhelming experience that can affect so many areas of your life. Whilst being a time to treasure, you may find yourself running low on free time to complete simple household chores. Routine house cleaning can lift a huge weight off of new parent’s shoulders and give them a much smoother lifestyle.

Here are our top tips on implementing routine house cleaning into your home.

Simple Organisation

For routine house cleaning, you don’t need to complete a deep clean and a new organisation regime every time. Small tidying hacks can temporarily organise the bits and bobs in your home until you have more time to put them away properly.

Decorative storage boxes can be great for quick clean ups. Find a box with a lid that matches your home décor. Then, dedicate them to the items that are often left scattered everywhere. For example, toys, dirty clothes and miscellaneous items which can be put in their designated place at a later date.

Know Your Priorities

You will feel much more productive by setting yourself fewer tasks to focus on. This will be much more beneficial than an overwhelming list of every single thing that could be done. Set yourself 1-3 tasks to complete each day as part of your routine house cleaning. Vacuuming, changing bedsheets, unloading the dishwasher, or folding and putting clothes away are all small but necessary chores to help keep you on track.

Quick Cleaning Hacks

Find quick cleaning hacks to make your home feel instantly refreshed and release some of the pressure. Fresh smells can make a great difference to your home’s atmosphere. Fabric spray, room diffusers, candles, air fresheners – whichever you prefer, they can instantly make your home feel cleaner and refreshed. They are also a quick way to make your home more welcoming when you are expecting guests.

Baby Bonding

Many parents find a papoose carrier to be helpful when trying to balance parenting and household chores. This allows you to satisfy your baby’s need for parental comfort, while completing your routine house cleaning with ease.

Asking for Help

While juggling the task of being a new parent, you should never feel too shy to ask for help. While family and friends can offer fantastic support, hiring a cleaning agency can be equally as beneficial. In doing so, you can focus on caring for your family whilst the cleaners complete all of the necessary chores.

A sanitary nursery, neat kitchen and fresh bedding at the end of a long day can help you to destress with one less thing to worry about.

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