Keeping Your Home Clean During School Summer Holidays

With the school summer holidays just a matter of weeks away, there is a lot to prepare for. As well as planning how to keep your children occupied, you also need to balance work and house chores. With so much to do, see below our top tips for keeping your home clean during school summer holidays:

Organisation System

Having a place for everything in your home can make tidying up so much easier. Enforcing an organisational system can make it simpler for children too. Colour code storage boxes for different types of toys and make them easy to get to.

Cleaning Schedule

Dedicating each day of the week to different chores can make cleaning a lot less overwhelming. For example, you can have separate days for ironing clothes, cleaning the kitchen, changing bed sheets, vacuuming and dusting.

If you already have a schedule in place, adjust it for the summer holidays. This will allow you to be more flexible while having your children home, to provide time for work and play. A schedule is also helpful for children to notice, in case they would like to help.

Delegating Chores

During the summer holidays it is most likely your children will make a mess. Therefore, try to get them involved in tidying up. Enforce a cleaning routine or a chores chart so each child has their dedicated jobs. Offer rewards to motivate them to tidy without too much fuss. But also make it easier for them with a new organisation system.

Set New Rules

To minimise mess and make the cleaning process less chaotic, enforce new rules. Allow children to only play with one toy at a time, which they have to tidy away before collecting another. This can also help to reduce tripping hazards and lost toy parts.

You could also make tidying their room the requirement for rewards, such as seeing friends or going on day trips.

Outdoor Play

Make the most of the British sunshine by going outside for playtime and meals. As well as keeping the mess away from inside your house, it is often easier to clean up. No stained furniture, awkward spills or crumbs to clean.

Hire a Domestic Cleaner

However, if you simply do not have the time to balance everything during the school summer holidays, hire a cleaner.

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