Getting Your Patio and Driveway Summer Ready 2019

Building a patio into your garden landscape can elevate your overall home design. With professional construction it can provide a clean and tidy aesthetic, which is welcoming to visitors and low maintenance for you.

As we approach the summer, we can begin preparing for a season of garden parties and sun lounging. To prepare your garden, patio and driveway cleaning can make a big difference after a drowsy winter.

Patio and Driveway Cleaning

Discover the benefits of getting your patio and driveway summer ready with professional cleaning:

Colour Enhancement

Having your block pavement jet washed is an environmentally safe way of removing stubborn dirt and grime. Having hot water applied with a forceful pressure can lift mess to reveal a patio’s true colours. This can have it looking like new again, with a refreshed lease of life.

Weed Removal

Between the cracks of your brickwork you may notice weeds, grass and moss peaking through. The longer you leave these to grow, it can make your patio and driveaway look unkept, sacrificing your home design.

Having a professional clean-up will provide you with someone with expertise on the subject. Therefore, they can advise you on how to keep future regrowth minimal without damaging your patio and driveway.

Health & Safety

As well as weeds, your patio and driveway may fall victim to algae and grime. If it isn’t removed properly, it can become a slippery safety hazard for visitors and residents. It also isn’t very healthy for your home to have algae and mildew growing around it. Therefore, the quicker it is removed the better.

Deep Cleaning

With a professional clean, you can be reassured that the job will be completed thoroughly and to a high standard. Experienced cleaners know which products and techniques work without damaging your garden landscape and negatively affecting the environment. Of course, they also know how to get into the hard to reach cracks and handle stubborn grime.

It will allow you to save on maintenance costs as you won’t need to purchase the equipment yourself. It’s important to consider that a deep clean between the seasons is more effective than small, less thorough, inbetween cleans.

Enquiring for Professional Patio and Driveway Cleaning

At Domestique Hertfordshire, we provide a range of domestic cleaning services, to help around your home. Our garden services include lawn mowing, weed pulling and general maintenance and tidying. Our professional cleaning services will help your garden get summer ready and leave your patio and driveway looking their best.

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