Spring Cleaning: How to Refresh Your Home and Mind in 5 Steps

For many, spring is the season for freshening up. A fresh home, fresh mind set and fresh start as we leave behind cold nights and staying indoors. It’s time to escape your oasis of blankets and scented candles, open the curtains and begin dusting.

As well as creating a light and a fresh environment to kickstart the new season, cleaning can be therapeutic. For many people, spring cleaning is a mindful activity which allows them to clear both their mind and home.

Below are 5 mindful steps for your 2019 spring cleaning:

1. One Room at a Time

To keep spring cleaning a relaxing, calming exercise focus on one room at a time. Overwhelming yourself with too many tasks can make cleaning stressful before it has even begun. Ease yourself into cleaning by focusing on a low maintenance room first, such as the bathroom or lounge.

Once you have selected a room, split it into separate areas. Then, go around and focus on one area at a time until you are complete. Take your time and really focus on the task in hand.

2. Declutter the Chaos

For many homeowners, being surrounded by clutter and disorganisation can make simple home tasks overwhelming. It can become difficult to find belongings, to navigate your home and can even make you feel closed in.

Go through kitchen utensils, DVDs, clothes, shoes and other parts of your home with an abundance of clutter. Sit down and take the time to consider each item and ask yourself if you really need it. Consider if you have used it in the last six months or if it brings any purpose into your life.

Sentimental items can be difficult and although they are fine to keep, but it is helpful to remember that it gets easier with each piece you discard.

3. Tackle Big Chores

We all have seasonal chores which we dread. Washing the curtains, clearing out cupboards, cleaning the oven – anything which takes too much time and fuss. However, to prevent unpleasant odours and to maintain a pleasant home, they need to be cleaned.

For chores too daunting, ask for help and make it a team effort - this can make spring cleaning an enjoyable bonding experience!

4. Asking for Help

Quite often, a major spring clean can be overwhelming. Therefore, you may find comfort in hiring professional cleaners to complete the job for you. When choosing a package, you can select the cleaning jobs you need to be performed and decide how often they need to be done.

Hiring a cleaner can reduce the stress of cleaning when you don’t know where to start, allowing your furniture and fittings to be cleaned correctly. Even better, you will return home to a clean and fresh living space that will help to restore social confidence, productivity and minimise stress and tension.

5. Creating a Routine

Remember that cleaning does not have to end after your big Spring clean. Once you have scrubbed and vacuumed your home, enforce a routine to maintain it. Regular domestic cleaning services with experienced, trained cleaners are beneficial. Having a regular cleaning service to keep your home fresh, will help to improve family health and preserve your home.

You can also get your children into a routine of tidying away their own mess. By allocating responsibilities with routine chores can provide them with a sense of achievement, independence and a way of contributing to the running of their family home.

Where to Start

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