Clean living - Why a Clean Home is Good for Body and Mind

Modern day living is busier than ever, with home life being one of the very few places we can genuinely unwind and recuperate. But if your home isn’t clean and tidy, you may not be getting the full benefit of your house or flat as a place to relax and rewind.

Here we pinpoint some key reasons that maintaining a clean home has great benefits for body and mind.


A clean and tidy home environment can have a positive impact on how well we treat our bodies, for a number of reasons:

? We are less likely to stay fit and healthy if we live in an unhygienic or dirty environment where we have far greater contact to dust and bacteria.

? Sleep is important to a healthy body and mind, a clean and comfortable home environment will help to promote a consistent sleeping pattern.

? A clean kitchen encourages us to prepare meals at home, reducing the temptation to ordering-in expensive and often unhealthy food.

? An organised home makes it easier to commit to exercise regimes such as attending the gym, running or playing team sports.


Good mental health is essential to a happy lifestyle, and keeping a clean and tidy home can play a key role in avoiding unwanted stress and anxiety:

? If your everyday life is fast-paced and unpredictable, a clean and tidy home can offer us a consistent and familiar place to end the day.

? A clean home that is tidy and comfortable makes it so much easier for us to switch-off, relax and recuperate after a long day.

? We take great pride in our homes, so having a home environment that tidy and looks great is great for confidence and a positive mind-set.

? It’s important to interact with the people in our lives and a tidy home allows us more time to spend with them, rather than cleaning products!

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