Pets at Home - Keeping Your Home Clean When You Have Pets!

Even though they’re cuddly, cute and absolutely adorable, house pets can make it very difficult to keep your home as clean and tidy as you’d like it to be. Here we offer a few key tips to getting your home pet friendly and clean.

Keep on top of the housework

Pets such as cats and dogs naturally shed hair through grooming and playing, and also have a habit of bringing in mucky undesirables such as dirt and mud from outside the home. Keeping on top of regular household chores, especially polishing and vacuuming, is the perfect solution to preventing pet related mess, although making sure your animals are house trained will also be very helpful! If you’re short of time and would like some help with housework, please call us 01727 808710 and we will help you to make more time for yourself.


It would be lovely for our pets to enjoy all of the areas of the home that we do, but when keeping the house clean there have to be a few boundaries. Many pet owners restrict their dogs and cats from accessing the top floor of the home and certain rooms on the ground floor, especially those that are carpeted. It’s also important that pets understand that upholstered furniture and worksurfaces are a no-go zone!

Rugs and runners

For the entrances to your home and busy thoroughfares such as hallways, it’s well worth laying rugs and runners that will collect the dirt and hair your pet brings into the home. Not only will these hard wearing covers protect your carpet in high traffic areas, but they are also very easy to move and clean. This method also offers a great way to avoid wet paw marks covering the house when wet weather strikes!

Deep clean

Even if you achieve the right cleaning balance with the pets in your home, it’s still worth considering a professional deep clean from time to time. This is a great opportunity to freshen up the house and clear any difficult to reach debris that may cause stale smells, encourage infestation or aggravate allergies.

If you have pets and feel a deep clean would benefit your home, call the experienced team at Hertfordshire Domestique today on 01727 808710 to find out how we can help.