Five Domestic Cleaning Tasks Nobody Wants To Do

The weekly list of household chores can sometimes seem endless, but some tasks are far more unappealing than others. Here we list five daunting domestic duties we could all do without!

1. Vacuuming

It’s noisy and takes forever, the bag always needs changing and the cord is constantly pulling - plus it sends household pets running for cover. So it’s fair to say that nobody in your household really appreciates vacuuming, and who can blame them?

2. Unblocking plugholes

When you think about it, there are at least five plug holes in every single home, each hiding smelly debris that will eventually need to be unblocked. So whether it’s backed up lasagne in the kitchen sink or matted hair in the shower, unblocking plugholes will always be an unpleasant task.

3. Oven

Grease is difficult to clean even before it has been burnt and solidified in 250°C heat, so scrubbing away at a month’s worth is a monumental task. For some, the prefered option would be to simply stop using the oven to cook altogether, avoiding this horrendous task completely.

4. Bins

First the bin bag is too full and won’t lift from the bin, then the bag splits and rubbish spills from the side… a lovely start. Then, when the rubbish is finally taken outside, you return to find ‘bin juice’ in the bin itself, on your floor and possibly your clothes. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

5. Toilet

The loo, the most dreaded task of all. We all know what happens with the loo and we know everybody in the house uses it, so what could be better than getting down on your hands and knees and having a good old scrub around?

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