What You Stand to Gain from Hiring a Local Cleaning Service

It is said we spend around five hours per week cleaning our homes and up to a staggering eight years of our lives on household tasks! Clearly, there are better ways to spend our time, but there is no denying the importance of a clean, tidy and hygienic home. Research in 2016, showed that one in three British households employed home help, so what are the attractions of hiring a local cleaning service and what do you stand to gain from it?

Time – this is probably the most precious asset we have and with more adults, particularly women, going out to work full time compared to previous generations, there is less and less time available to spend on household chores. Employing a local cleaner means you can spend that time enjoying your leisure pursuits and being around friends and family, knowing that your home will be cleaned on a regular basis.

Money – at first it might not seem as though paying someone to clean your house could save you money, but there is method in our madness! In Britain, we spend over £1bn per year on products to keep our homes clean, often buying the latest fad products for each and every tiny element of our homes only to forget them at the back of a cupboard in preference of our favourite multi-purpose cleaner. Most cleaning services will provide their own cleaning products and equipment so you don’t have to worry about buying the entire household section of your local supermarket. Also, having your home cleaned regularly will help to keep you on top of dirt, dust and grime, which will save you time and money on intensive cleans.

Reassurance – whilst you may find a local independent cleaner is cheaper than a domestic cleaning service, they will almost certainly not offer the same peace of mind. Cleaning companies have the necessary public liability and personal injury insurance to cover any damage to your property or possessions caused during the cleaning process. It is best to clarify this with your cleaner prior to signing any agreements, just so you know what is covered.

Flexibility – we all have plans but often life gets in the way, which is why it is great to find a cleaning service that can be flexible. On the whole, it is best to stick to your allocated day or time to ensure that your cleaners have enough time to spend cleaning your home, but if you know you are going to be away on holiday or have the decorators in, you can just call your cleaners and rearrange for another convenient day and time.

Reliability – despite the fact we all need to be flexible from time to time, what most households need to run smoothly is reliability. This means having your cleaner turn up each week at the right time, ready to clean. Knowing when your cleaning is due to take place ensures you can tidy up as best as possible the night before to allow your cleaners to get in and work their magic. At Domestique, you’ll be allocated a regular cleaner or cleaners who will get to know your home and understand how you need it be cleaned and arranged.

If these five reasons are not enough to convince you that you need a cleaner, call the Hertfordshire Domestique team today on 01727 808 710 to talk to us about our packages to suit all budgets.