10 Things You May Not Know About Cleaning and Household Chores

Domestique Hertfordshire

We have taken a look at lots of UK - based surveys and polls on our favourite subject- domestic cleaning - and put together ten of the more surprising facts and figures for you. We all have tasks or chores that we prefer over others. But it seems that there is some agreement about the least favourite rooms to clean and household chores to perform.



What is also clear is that, for those who do not have the time, as well as those who do not have the inclination, it is worth having a cleaning service to make sure you can maintain the standards you and your family want in your home. So here are those facts and figures:

  1. The average number of hours a week spent by men on housework was 6, for women this was 14.

  2. The least popular room to clean is the bathroom.

  3. The least popular household chore is cleaning the oven.

  4. The three household tasks men are most likely to do are: putting the bins out, DIY and changing light bulbs.

  5. More than half of all people dust around objects rather than underneath them.

  6. Only 24% of couples equally share the household cleaning.

  7. 4% of people in the South East have a cleaner.

  8. More than one fifth of people claim their house is spotless.

  9. Raking leaves is the most despised garden chore.

  10. The average time a man puts off a DIY job is 4.5 months.


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